Volunteer support, supervision and review policy

Support and supervision are essential in providing volunteers with guidance, performance feedback, development, direction and a sense of value in carrying out their role.

It is a mechanism for monitoring and maintaining accountability to the organisation. It also has a major role in developing a consistent and effective service, supporting personal and professional development and managing the emotional impact on volunteers.

In most cases, support and supervision are “separate but overlapping managerial functions. Supervision deals with the work itself; support deals with the worker. In reality of course, they cannot very easily be separated”. (Adirondack, 1998)

Supervision deals with day-to-day work, while reviews plan for longer-term considerations and feedback for the volunteer on departure. The review should link to, and draw on, the content of supervision activities and records.

This policy specifies the principles and parameters of effective volunteer support, supervision, and review that must be adhered to. It acknowledges the role of staff and lead volunteers in support and supervision activities.

You can view our policy here.