Sports Recreation Ground


As part of our project to provide a long term sports facility for the rural people of the Pandavgad community we are planning to construct a track and field sports and recreation ground. This will be a running track with a large playing field inside it suitable for soccer and other field games.

Sport is recognised as a viable, valuable tool, when working with children. It helps fight depression, aids with better concentration, teaches the fundamentals of teamwork, respect for rules, and can be a great boost to individual confidence. Participants get to engage in and help coach a variety of sporting activities to children from the local area. The skills that the children learn goes far beyond just the sports field.

The intention is to construct the track as best we can with the materials and resources available. Around the side of the main track will be located areas for long jump, high jump and other track and field sports. We have already begin preparing the terrain and levelling the area. A big consideration here will be the monsoon season. We have to make sure that the drainage is well constructed and water runs freely from the running track and from the playing area.

Recreation Ground site
Site preparation for the running track and playing field,

Changing rooms and storage space will be built for players and visiting teams. As well as the restoration of a small shrine which sits adjacent to the site. Shade trees will be planted around the perimeter of the area to provide shaded spectator space. The area between the track and trees will also have facilites for long jump and similar sports.

Plan of the track and field area.

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