Sports Equipment


As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the health and lifestyle within the Panadavgad area we we are committed to providing new and used sports equipment for the community.

We have the land and we are working on the infrastructure for an integrated sports facility for the community. However once the the ground works are complete we need to be able to provide the opportunity for the local people to play and train in sports. Do do this we need kit. Just the basics to start with. But every little helps.

What are we looking for?

  • Hockey sticks, balls and nets. Goalkeepers helmets with safety guards. And coloured bibs for the teams.
  • Vollyball net and balls.
  • Judo clothing and outfits. 
  • Cricket kit for 15 players, cricket bats, balls and wickets etc.
  • Tennis balls, rackets and nets.
  • Wrestling mats, wrestling shoes and safety guards.
  • Any gym equipment, weights and suchlike
  • Ropes, beanbags, hoops, marker cones and similar.
Sports Equipment
Sports Equipment

Donate now – if you can afford it please gift us what you can. 

Donate to the Pandavgad Sports Equipment fund

Thank you for deciding to help us in our mission to change the lives of the people within our community. You will be taken to the crowdfunding website to make your donation – this will open in a new window.

Sponsorship – are you a business? Are you willing to sponsor our teams and community projects?

If you run a business, would you be willing to sponsor one of our projects? Whether it be providing sports equipment, clothing and kit or you wish to help us building the recreation ground, changing rooms and physical infrastructure. There are the healthcare projects too such as the much needed rural ambulance and local medical centre.

To find out more about sponsoring the Pandavgad Rural Action Group’s projects then click here.