A visit from some bees

We are about halfway through building the footings for the main school building. This morning we discovered that some little friends had moved in. You can see these exceedingly small Indian bees in the video below. As the footings about to be filled with cement we moved the queen to a nearby tree, the swarm flew away a short time later.

Here is a photo of the honeycomb that they made. It could only have been two days old at the most. The comb already had honey inside.

PRAG volunteer hosting principles – summary



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Version: 1.0


We are working on setting written guidelines for working with volunteers on a more formal level. Pandavgad Rural Action Group believes that volunteers offer more than just a helping hand. They offer a world of experience, new viewpoints and can carry away with them the story of our project. This document is a very basic first draught of our basic principles for hosting volunteers.

And a happy new year

As 2018 comes to a close we are reflecting on the priorities that we have for ourselves and our families—like you might be—in the coming year. Our deepest and most profound priority is the sustainability of life itself and our sacred collective home, Pachamama.

Working with the rural people of Wai is a huge privilege. It gives us access to the most ancient wisdom on this planet that is still guiding us today. These insights help us to really tackle the forces that are preventing us from attaining a thriving planet and a world that works for all: apathy, resignation, and the numbness and the trance of the modern world—addicted to consumer and material things, not paying attention to the consequences of our actions.

Pandavgad Rural Action Group is working comprehensively both in Wai and through our educational programs to address the sustainability of life on Earth.

Please join us as we complete 2018 by making a contribution to Pandavgad Rural Action Group. Your donation supports our programs that fuel inspiration and transformation in order to bring forth a new dream for humanity.

This truly is an alliance for the future of life.

We signed up to playgroundideas.org

Hello there, just a note to say how useful we have found the site at Playground Ideas as we have been working through concepts for the Pandavgad Community Play Area.

Playground Ideas Logo

There are open source designs which are low cost, safe and sustainable. Well worth checking it if you have landed here looking for playground information. They also have handy how to guides on everything to with the design and build as well as arguments for the importance of play.

Here is our listing on their website:

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