Childrens Play Area


An exciting idea for the children of Pandavgad – a fun and  interactive play area

Pandavgad Rural Action Group are buildinging an exciting new outdoor learning and play area, especially for the children in our community. We know our children are going to love it and we need your support to make this dream a reality.

Why do we need it?

Our philosophy to childhood can be is summed up by the phase: “Brave Explorers, Great Thinkers!” We want to provide a dynamic space for the kids to play, explore, relax and learn.

An outside play area will open up a whole new world of opportunities for stimulation and fun.

The play area will provide a safe space where children can role play and be creative, or learn independently. It will help us to develop an environment, placing exploration and play at the centre of the children’s lives.

What have we got in mind?

A good old-school playground

We are looking for a low cost sustainable solution for the construction of the play area. We have settled on the use of used car tires for a lot of the games. They are safe, once checked, long lasting, and generally free to obtain. This allows our funds to go further. The painting and installation for the site can be done as a community activity. Allowing the local school and pupils get involved with the projects.

Here is an example of the recycled tire construction we intend to use.

Outdoor classroom and theatre: We would like to provide an opportunity for teacher led learning outside the classroom and intend to construct a sheltered space where directed learning can take place, especially on warm and sunny days. The  will be protected by a wooden structure with the opportunity to provide shade or protection from rain and can ideally be decorated with climbing plants. This space can also be used for drama or music performance with the addition of a wooden stage area.

This is an open air theatre in Thiruvananthapuram, Our intention is to construct one similar.
This is an open air theatre in Thiruvananthapuram, Our intention is to construct one similar. 

Grass games area: A multi-use area with grass which can be used for creative play with any outdoor games. This will be part of the recreational ground being developed for our sports project.Covered games area: A protected space for outdoor play during inclement weather.

Investigation and picnic areas: Covered areas dedicated to educationally related topics, such as sorting tables, topic draws etc. This area can be used by local schools as an outside classroom. It will also be suitable as an area for children to take lunches, or parents to relax whilst whilst the chidren play nearby.


When can we start?

We are ready to start as soon as we have completed the basic preparations and planning layout. We are looking for volunteers to help us with the build, so contact us if you want to come along and assist.